Unbounce Pro: Julien Level


Name: Julien Level (@julien_level)
Company: Cloud Media
LinkedIn: Connect with Julien
How long have you been building in Unbounce? 4 years (joined in May 2016)
What do you specialize in? Lead Gen through Facebook, Google, native and emailing. Most of my clients are looking for leads where people leave their phone number so they can call back to sell a product or service.
Are there any business verticals that you have a lot of experience with? Mostly B2C: Home appliance, real estate, IPO but we are looking to extend to B2B (SaaS).
What’s in your “toolkit”? Zapier, Jotform, Pixelmator Pro, Sublime Text, hotjar, Mailjet, google sheet, google analytics, Affilae (a french affiliation platform), facebook ads, google ads, Bing, Verizon network, powerspace, integromat
Client testimonial(s): Cloud Media is our partner of choice since 2013 for our acquisition strategy. Together we’ve multiplied by ten the numbers of leads collected each month and we have considerably improved our conversion rate thanks to their integrated PRM (Prospect relationship management)
–David Lo Nobile, CEO of Group LAUGIL
Best way to contact you: Email: jlevel@cloud-media.fr or LinkedIn
A bit about you: I’m patient, open-minded, ready to take some risks and I’m always having fun creating landing pages for my clients. Synthesizing who they are and what they sell and constructing a visual universe is a major part of my love for this job.

We live in a great time where, we marketers, can do almost everything without requiring any developer. This way we can be super reactive!

My motto for landing pages is: Be sexy but not too much.

→ the landing page and ads have to be sexy but they also have to deliver quality information and realistic promises.

Conversion rate is important but for my clients, turning Leads into Clients is what matters in the end, as they pay on a CPL basis.

I’ve been working on CPL acquisition since 2006 so i’m always very performance oriented.
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Thanks @Jess !
Honored to be part of the Unbounce pro !