Unbounce Pro: Finge Holden

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Name: Finge Holden(@Finge)
Company: ConversionLab
LinkedIn: Connect with Finge
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Twitter: ConversionLab, Finge
How long have you been building in Unbounce? 7 years
What do you specialize in? CRO on Unbounce Landing Pages, Lead gen, Sales
Are there any business verticals that you have a lot of experience with? SaaS, real estate, banking, ecommerce
What’s in your “toolkit”? Unbounce, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Hotjar, Photoshop, Basecamp (project management), Pastel (for client feedback on designs)
Client testimonial(s): “ConversionLab has helped Campaign Monitor grow our business by optimizing our landing pages and improving our calls to action. We’ve increased conversion rates by 260% and seen a 64% reduction in customer acquisition cost.”
– Shamita Jayakumar, Senior Marketing Manager, Campaign Monitor
Best way to contact you: Request a free consult
A bit about you: Easy going, friendly, informal, love skiing and mountainbiking
Samples of Finge's work