Unbounce Pages on Instagram Native Browser


One of our users clicked on an ad that took her to our unbounce page inside the IG’s native browser. What she saw was a page where things over-lapped quite a bit, resulting in a poor experience. It doesn’t seem like Unbounce is compatible with IG’s native browser, is this the case?

Suggestions on how to 1. preview the page in IG’s native browser and 2. make the page display nicely?



Hi there!

We run many of our customer ads on Facebook/Instagram and unbounce pages perform nicely on their native browsers.

Have you adjusted the mobile version of the landing page?

The best way (at this time) to test your ads on the Facebook or Instagram browser is to set up a campaign on Facebook, keep them on pause, and generate a preview link via the Facebook or Instagram ad.

Let me know if this helps! :rocket:


Thanks for Stefano. I am a bit confused as to how previewing the ad withing the FB Business Manager helps me see how the page looks inside the IG browser. The preview link allows me to see the ad in Instagram but doesn’t allow me to click through to the page. And even if it did… that page will be shown on my browser (Chrome) and not IG’s native browser.

Am I missing something? Thanks!


Good catch!


I forgot to mention that using a video as your creative should allow you to load the landing page in the native browser immediately under the ad.


You can post the link on your personal page and set the post visibility to “only me”. Open up the Facebook App on your phone and click on the link and it will open up in the Facebook App/Native Browser.

You can probably do the same thing on instagram via the “Stories” placement.

Debugging this way is quite painful lol :sweat_smile:

If you have issues getting this to work, please let me know!