Unbounce pages hosted in proxy server won't track


I have a website living at root domain (eg. www.mysite.com) and subdomain (eg. try.mysite.com) for my landing pages on Unbounce. However, I want my audience to see landing pages on Unbounce (eg. try.mysite.com/landingpage) in root domain as well (eg. www.mysite.com/landingpage).

To make it work, I setup proxy server that connects to try.mysite.com. So whenever my audience visits www.mysite.com/landingpage he is actually connecting to try.mysite.com/landingpage behind the scene.

Now, my problem is visits and views are not updating through the proxy server.

Is this something related to client IP that is over written by proxy server IP?
If yes, then where else can I attach original client IP in header request (I tried attaching it via X-Real-IP and X-Forward-For headers but with no luck)? If no, any suggestion where the problem might be?