Unbounce page blocking googlebot


Using the Google Webmaster Tools and Google Mobile-Friendly test I am seeing the following issue:

This page uses 12 resources which are blocked by robots.txt. 

According to what I have read, this has an effect on the indexing of a landing page (I want mine indexed). 

Should I be concerned?  Is this something that I can turn off so I can see if changes my page rankings in search?



Hey Chris

That’s very strange! We don’t have a robots.txt file on any Unbounce pages so we shouldn’t be blocking those resources.

Do you perhaps have ‘hide my page from search engines’ enabled under ‘page properties’? Make sure this is turned off.

If that is turned off already could you shoot us a email (support@unbounce.com) with a link to the page. We’ll dig in and see if we can find anything out of the ordinary on your page


hi Johnny,
 I have the same problem, and I checked that ‘hide my page from search engines’ Inactive. 

What else do you suggest?


Hi Shahar, 
We might need to dig into this one a bit further. If you’re still getting stuck with this, then get in touch with us directly at: support@unbounce.com. We’d be more than happy to help!


I will do so… thank you :slight_smile:



I also have the same problem, and checked that the “hide my page” is inactive.
Please help.


Hi Willy, 
If you reach out to our support team we should be able to dive into this for you a bit further. support@unbounce.com


Hi Johnny,

Check this link - http://unbouncepages.com/robots.txt , the complete website gets blocked by all search engine.

User-agent: * -> applicable for all search engines
Disallow: / -> Blocking all the things in the website

Kindly remove second line to get indexed by Search Engines.


Erm is there an update on this?

I’m actually considering switching from LeadPages to Unbounce, but unanswered posts like this, coupled with there being only 1 breakpoint for responsiveness, is putting me off quite seriously :frowning:

Mobiles are getting higher & higher resolutions now, and with just 1 break point, not sure this will be any good for me. But that’s for another topic :wink: I found this thread when trying to see why Google Mobiel Friendly Test couldn’t test me site and as John_Henry points out above, there IS a robots.txt rule blocking Googlebot… DESPITE Johnny from the Unbounce team saying:

“That’s very strange! We don’t have a robots.txt file on any Unbounce pages so we shouldn’t be blocking those resources.”

Then no reply?


Is it still resolved or not? I see this issue in my pages now.