Unbounce & Optimise

PS: This is not a comparative post, but rather working in a mutual symbiotic way…

Any one know how google optimise works with duplicating variants in Unbounce. For example, if you’re running a personalisation campaign with optimise and want to build out a test variant (from duplicating the original variant) in the same page you originally created the optimise campaign, will it duplicate over to the ‘variant b’ as well?

Part 2 (for those that have the patience to answer both, I’m hoping you can help :upside_down_face: ) if you have these multiple variants live already, whats the best way of implementing optimise campaigns on both variants (or multiple in some cases).

Muuuuuuch appreciated.

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Hey @cameron_calder,

My favorite answer - it depends (to both your questions) :slight_smile:

You’ll need to properly set the targeting of your page in Google Optimize either based on JS or Data Layer variable.
In essence, you need a way to tell Google how to distinguish between variants.
Thankfully any Unbounce page has the page ID and variant letter served on each page.

You’ll also have to make sure you don’t “break” you page if you are swapping out content.

The above is based on my experience with Google Optimize and Unbounce but I haven’t used both at the same time.


The old “it depends” line :joy:. Thanks @Hristian, appreciate the reply, been trying with the variant letter, but for some reason it isn’t pulling through. Will keep at it and let you know where we landing :raised_hands:


Just did a quick test… it works… kind of :slight_smile: but don’t have anymore time to throw into this

If you visit: https://hello.revise.agency/google-optimize-test/

You’ll see that it loads an extra text line at the top “Hello personalization” that’s not in the original page. It would do so for both variants - A & B.

Here is the relevant targeting in Google Optimize:


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This is great mate - diving into it now :ok_hand: Should be a good start to get it done :+1: