Unbounce + Nutshell = Sales Attribution <3


Hey Unbounce fam!

I’m the cofounder of Nutshell — we’re a CRM with a radical focus on beautiful design for sales teams, usually at small businesses. We’ve been around for nearly nine years, and while our competitors have raised more money than we have, it’s obvious they haven’t invested it in their products.

We rolled out a one-click Unbounce integration. From Nutshell, you’ll see a list of all your Unboune forms, and with a click you can wire them to create leads in Nutshell from submissions.

The thing that gets us fired up about integrations like this, is that with Nutshell, you’ve got the tool which knows which leads actually turned into sales, and you can draw that attribution all the way back to an Unbounce page (and to an ad campaign, if you’re using UTM parameters!)

We’ve had some customers that have found other ways (Zapier :grimacing: ) to connect Nutshell with Unbounce, and we responded by building this native integration. I’d love to hear your feedback. Drop me a note directly (andy@nutshell.com), if you’d like.

Edit: Ope! @Jess pointed out that I can share screenshots in here, so here’s a quick snippet of how things work. We also have a little animation at the top of our landing page.

1. From Nutshell setup, you can see all your Unbounce pages (Okay, a boring screenshot, but you get the picture — Oauth makes this seamless)

2. Then, as leads arrive from Unbounce submissions, you’ll see “Sources” (a native Nutshell field) automatically tagged

3. As leads and sales grow, Nutshell’s reporting helps you understand source-to-sale attribution (there are a handful of ways to visualize this — this is just an example)

4. Our segmentation and filtering engine also lets you cohort leads by source / Unboune campaign

Hope that helps to show what’s possible with Unbounce + Nutshell!

Keep on Unbouncin’!


Hi Andy!

Thank you for sharing this - we’ve been looking for a CRM to integrate some of our smaller customers on, and I love that this works natively with Unbounce.

You’ll be hearing from me real soon!


Hey Andy!

Woah, this sounds insanely useful! I’m going to pin this to the top of the pile to make sure this gets more eyes on it.

If you’re able to share some screenshots, I’d love to see how Nutshell looks in action.

Thanks so much for sharing the love here! :blue_heart:


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Oh cool, thanks for the nudge, @Jess! I didn’t even realize that was possible. I’ve updated my original post with a handful of shots — glad to share more! (We’re Unbounce customers, too, so we can speak authentically as to how this all jibes.)



@Andy_Fowler thanks for this!
Does Nutshell also work with, say, CallTrackingMetrics, JotForm, etc to integrate calls and other forms?

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