Unbounce NOT reporting leads, but HubSpot IS reporting them?


i have hubspot code installed on my landing pages and every once in a while, we get an alert that someone filled out a form on a landing page via hubspot, but we get no corresponding unbounce email.

also the leads don’t show up in our lead list on unbounce.

i’m not sure why this happens, but seems like some sort of a glitch. how would someone be able to submit a form on unbounce and hubspot’s code recognizes this but unbounce’s does not?

usually, we get alerts from both hubspot and unbounce.

i’d say this strange anomaly happens around 5% of the time.


Hey gotmike, sounds to me like this might be the result of our anti-spam engine capturing bot form submissions.

If you reach out to our support team and provide them with a page this has happened to, then we can investigate and determine what’s going on.