Unbounce marketplace for custom changes


Hi all! 

I’ve seen many request at Unbounce  to develop small custom code changes such as fix header, animated CSS, etc. but sometimes these small changes are not what new unbounce users want so how about if we sell these changes for a small fee; 5dls at fiverr.com 

I think by setting a price to this kind of small custom work it can improve quality and both parties will be happy. 

Unbounce wins: New customers will be able to develop exactly what they have in mind, making them not close their account. 

New unbounce customer wins: For a small fee he or she can expect a custom feature. 
Experienced unbounce user wins: 5dls and more because usually custom changes need updates. 

Of course we can always have the code at Unbounce library because we are nice people who like to share knowledge but there are many Unbounce users out there who dont understand this documentation and are ok to pay a small fee to fix their pages in a short time. 

Maybe Unbounce team dont want to do it via Fiverr so how about developing a marketplace for this? Theres even a SAAS that can do this for you: https://www.sharetribe.com/ 



Hi Kenji, 

This is a really interesting idea and one that we’ve thrown around internally in the past. I definitely believe there is a market for this, since the custom code posts are some of the most popular in the Community. Some examples: 

- Creating a Fixed Header
- YouTube Video Backgrounds
- Mobile Redirection Script

As you can see, each post becomes quite popular but also requires quite a bit of support. Since the majority of these are asking for small changes to the code, it can be difficult for our team to accommodate them. 

This is where I see a ‘Unbounce dev for hire’ coming in. It’s beneficial for Unbounce as it allows customers to get what they’re looking for, and it would be beneficial to the developer to gain exposure and get new clientele. This also opens the door for developers to take requests and develop new scripts and functionality themselves. 

Would love to hear a few more thoughts on this from folks in the Community. Is this something you would get a lot of value out of? How would you envision this looking like?


Script Library that opens right in the app when/if Unbounce marketplace launches :slight_smile: