Unbounce lead form to ActOn/Salesforce


We use ActOn marketing automation software with Salesforce for CRM (professional edition). How can we have leads from our Unbounce pages be sent/gathered on ActOn and have the leads be captured on Salesforce as well? Is this possible with WebHooks? Thanks


Hi Sarah, good question!

I just had a quick look at the ActOn documentation, and it seems they pull information from Salesforce. If that’s right, do you need to push your Unbounce leads to both Salesforce and ActOn, or could you just push your leads to Salesforce and then rely on ActOn to pull those across?

The other thing to consider is that we offer Salesforce integration via their Web Services API, which isn’t supported by default in a Professional Edition subscription, although it seems you can maybe chat with the Salesforce folks and get them to enable API access for you.

Our Webhook solution might also be an option for you. You’d have to get someone to write a little code to accept our webhook format, and then forward that on to ActOn.

Does that help at all? I know that’s not a complete and straightforward answer to your question, please send along some additional comments on the above and we’ll do our best to help!


Thanks for the help. It seems we can just pull from Salesforce like you said. I’ve requested access to their API, but if not I think we’ll be able to use your webhook solution. Appreciate the help!