Unbounce Landingpage WITHOUT setting any cookies

1st: my topic relates to GDPR and latest (oct 2019) verdicts of the court of justice of the european union. So it is EU Traffic related and there is still legal clarity missing. But still worth mentioning:

Question: Is it possible to have an unbounce landingpage, that does not set any cookie, when a user hits the landingage?

Status quo: going to one of my unbounce pages, the page sets 3 cookies: ubpb, ubvs, ubvt. This is done by unbounce itself, no scripts or anything added from my side to the unbounce page.

Unbounce cookies: In general I do not think these cookies (ubpb, ubvs, ubvt) do any harm. They take care of the user and click tracking and offer some statistics, I guess the A/B testing is based on it as well. All those features I do appreciate. BUT I (as a user, browsing the site) was never asked whether it is okay that these cookies are set into my browser (Opt-IN)

Opt-In necessary: In my opinion these tasks (user/click tracking, conversions, a/b testing) can not be considered technically necessary or essential. It’s at least webanalytics or performance related and thus there should be an Opt-In.

what is unbounce.com doing?: The funny twist is that unbounce.com has implemented a consent-tool lately. And obviously unbounce itself is using their tracking technology as well (no surprise) BUT the consent-tool was set up to ask for opt-in for these very same cookies (ubpb, ubvs, ubvt) because they have been categorized as “performance cookies” and not “strictly necessary”

what to do now?
How am I supposed to set those unbounce cookies on my behalf (unbounce LP is set to my domain and it is my imprint, I am responsible) without even having the possibility to not set those cookies?!

unbounce.com shows that somebody came to the conclusion, that there has to be an Opt-In, this is not valid for the landingpages offered to your customers.

I need your guys to have a feature to deactivate those cookies. This might happen in the account settings. I know I might loose features, but at least I could decide. The other option would be not using unbounce at all, because legal risk is too high.

So please tell me that I am not the first one asking for this. Is there anything available already, I am not aware of? Are you working on this topic?

And I hope I could clarify my point… it’s a complicated setting with all those new regulations coming up…

thanks for reading! any advice will be appreciated very very much!

Hi @krischi!

So just as a disclaimer here, I am not a compliance expert or a lawyer, so I can’t get too deep into the deeper layers of the GDPR law, however I can share some information around the cookies you mentioned and how Unbounce has worked to become GDPR-compliant.

ubvs tracks your traffic as unique visitors to the page. It determines whether or not your page visitor has been to that particular page before so your page’s stats do not get warped by return visits. There is no personally identifiable information captured from this cookie - which helps us to stay in GDPR’s good books.

ubpv is for A/B testing and keeps your visitor from seeing different variants of your page if they were to refresh their browser.

ubvt is used for Unbounce’s external conversion tracking workaround.

Right now there isn’t a native way in Unbounce to apply a full stop to a visitor’s browser with collecting these cookies - but you can use our pop-ups/sticky bar feature to give your visitors the heads up that your Unbounce pages do collect cookies. It’s just worth noting again that the cookies do not collect any personally identifiable information.

Our Support would be happy to tackle any individual questions you might have around this! That way we can also loop in our Legal/Compliance team as needed. :slight_smile: