Unbounce Landing Page DOWN


This is the link of our Unbounce Landing page is not opening


We have checked everything and can’t find the error or issue why its not opening.

Any idea why this happened?


Hey Mark, 

Did you input a custom code in the form? 




used mailchimp in the forms

though third party integration

the page tries to load, but due to some error, it stops to load


it was working after we finish and then

And been how many weeks

Now all of sudden not working


We saw the error

Pls see attached

Any idea how we can fix this error


Hi Mark, 

I’m happy that you’ve managed to troubleshoot the issue. 

However, I’m seeing a redirect from your domain to unbouncepages. Ultimately serving the page from unbouncepages.com/ebook_ibm_and_apple_in_enterprise/

Since your site is running on WordPress you might want to look into the plugin Unbounce has that would help serve the page from your own domain. 

This way you would avoid the delay between the switching of domains plus your visitors will always know what company they are interacting with.