Unbounce integration for e-mail marketing


Hi all,  I am very pleased with Unbounce design features and simplicity in use.  Although I planned to use Unbounce as a platform to make landing pages I assumed that I could download the HTML and use to send e-mails to my customers through Campaign Monitor.  To my surprise there is no way of downloading the raw code and therefore impossible for me to use my landing page as an e-mail campaign.  

Most of the e-mail marketing software like Campaign Monitor boast of “no coding” templates but when compared to Unbounce they are way behind in terms of usability and possibilities.  Designing in Unbounce feels to me like using the Adobe programs but using templates in Campaign Monitor feels like designing in Word.  

I suggest the Unbounce, and in my case Campaign Monitor, team up to integrate Unbounce into their template systems or find some way of making a bridge to use the raw code from Unbounce in e-mail marketing campaigns.  

The interest is surely mutual as both Unbounce and Campaign monitor base their income on traffic / number of sent e-mails.  From Campaign Monitor standpoint they could even have their current solution free and charge a little for providing a more sophisticated designing software.  

Win-win for everyone, 

Best regards from Iceland, 
Gunnar J—nsson



I see what you mean here but you have to know that html code used for e-mailing is “different” from the one use in HTML website. 
I’m sure you know that but if you want to have great results in your emailing campaign you have to respect rules in the coding (so that your email don’t go to spam, etc).

Like you, i really like unbounce and would love to have the same tool to create e-mailing as i found the one from mailchimp and others very limited.