Unbounce Images not appearing


Both Unbounce images and my own (jpg) not appearing on this page: http://kidtown-usa.org/parties_. How come?


Hi Steve, I had a quick look at your page. Looks like you’ve copy/pasted the HTML for an Unbounce page in preview mode into an existing page? You need to publish your page before any images on it will be available at a public URL. Plus, if you just copy/paste the HTML, you won’t be able to use Unbounce features like forms, split testing, and reporting. Can you let us know what you’re hoping to do with your Unbounce page? Maybe we can help you figure out a working solution…


  • Carl


Thanks for the reply. I’m brand new, trying to find my way around here. I want the page to appear on my site either as a stand-alone page or on an existing page. It looks like I need to create a subdomain page for a stand-alone option, correct?

But if I want the Unbounce page to be an element on an existing page, is that possible?


Hey Steve, no worries, happy to help you get started. You could always publish your Unbounce page, then embed it in an iframe on an existing page.

Most folks, though, do setup a subdomain and use Unbounce for building standalone pages.


Got it. Thanks!