Unbounce for Mobile landing pages?


Is unbounce a good way to build mobile landing pages for different devices to be used on AdWords for mobile? If so, what’s the most effective way to set them up?


Hi Bjoern,
We haven’t built in any specific support for mobile devices yet. Some customers have made iPhone-equse sized pages that are more suitable for the smaller screen - but we don’t currently have any app or WAP specific templates.

Could you elaborate a little on your intended use case (or user flow) so that we might be able to answer in a bit more detail?


Hi Oli,

thanks for the reply.

The usecase for us would be to build mobile landing pages for a matchmaking product. The mobile landing pages would only include an email field and signup information would be returned to the user via email, so that he can complete it at a desktop computer at a later stage.


You could definitely create a small landing page (it would be HTML not WAP compatible) using Unbounce. Currently the main use for our forms is for lead generation, so you could have your leads stored in Unbounce or emailed to *you* - but in order to get something emailed to the user filling out the form, you could try using our MailChimp integration and set up an autoresponder from there to communicate back to the user.

Not sure if that solves your problem or not.
Let me know.


hey y’all - so i’ve been trying to get my mobile landing page to show up properly and am getting *close* but can’t seem to get things aligned just right. I’ve been using this bit of code, placed in the :

it’s kind of lopping off one edge, but then when i scoot the text to the right, it goes too far to the right…

any suggestions on how to fix?

tks!! jen


Hey Jen - GetSatisifaction doesn’t handle pasting code samples very well, you have to encode the “” characters otherwise it won’t show up. Maybe try http://pastie.org/ instead…


I’m super curious about this too. Might be a good temporary ‘lead’ gen til we get our mobile interface done.


Would be great to see some progress in this area indeed. Personally I’ve been experimenting with QR codes published on Print Ads and Tradeshow Posters: I would greatly appreciate a specialized Unbounce template optimized for mobile devices.

Also with advanced functions to detect resolutions, easier form navigation/fill functions and something that shows page download size.


Hey guys, looks like we just forgot to update this thread when we released Mobile Templates as a Labs Feature last week. You can read more about the release and how to enable them over here:


hi all

I love the mobile templates they are great for the simple application I am using them for however for some reason when I publish the page and open it up on my iPhone the page compresses itself and doesnt stretch out the full width of the iphone browser. I tried safari and chrome for iphone.

I havent meesed about much with the template other than altering the webform and and stretching the page sections lengthways

Am i missing something?


Does unbounce produce responsive landing pages?


No, unfortunately we don’t Mike. By allowing users to be as flexible as possible when designing their pages, we have also made it hard for ourselves to be responsive with different browser sizes. It’s not something we’re fully ignoring, but at this stage it’s also not something we’re likely to support any time soon.


this is unfortunate. we just had an engagement where the consulting team advised against using unbounce and recommended simply coding the mobile version of the site in jquerymobile in order to get responsive design. we had actually thought that we could potentially do both - simply use blank templates. but the team fought constantly with all the fixed width settings even in the blank templates such that it will be more time consuming than its worth it.

i have been a huge champion of the platform, blogging about it multiple times. i have to wonder why not have a responsive mobile beta that doesn’t do *anything* for wysiwyg and simply says drop your code in here, then parse the code for links/images etc for marking conversions and off we go. with an ever increasing portion of our traffic coming from mobile, its not acceptable to say responsive design is not on your radar.


First off, thank you for championing Unbounce. Word of mouth makes up half of our user base, and it’s because of loyal customers like yourself.

I can totally appreciate where you’re coming from. I agree that responsive design is a big deal and am not saying it’s completely off our radar (we just have a long list of higher priority features and improvements). The majority of our users are doing paid advertising with services like Google Adwords. These services provide segmenting at the ad-level, so our users build separate pages for mobile, desktop, etc, which lets them track each device’s success individually. At the end of the day, the best way to maximize conversions and revenue is through controlled conversion optimization testing. I do realize that this is evolving with good RWD though…

For anyone that isn’t able to segment at the ad level (email marketing, for example) we do have the ability to segment traffic once they hit your page with a little javascript (you can find the details here). This way you can build two (or more) pages for each device and redirect users accordingly. I know this isn’t idealÑ we’ll likely build some better server-side segmenting features into Unbounce before we tackle full responsive layouts.

Your idea is an interesting one (and actually might be possible right now with a little hacking.) Drop me an email (carter at unbounce dot com) and I’d be happy to help walk you through what I’m thinking.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I hope I was able to address a few of your concerns. If not, or you still have questions please let me know!


Great post, you can check my two latest mobile landing using unbounce.



Both are in french, but you can understand the concept.

Using the zoom script is really important otherwise it looks bad on mobile phone.


Hey there!

We just moved into open beta for our Mobile Responsive feature. For further information check out the community post below:



Hey Everyone!

I’ve very excited to announce Mobile Responsive has officially launched! Every user now has access to the new tools enabled within the builder.


If you have any feedback let us know! We’ve love to hear it.



We published the template only to find it non - responsive.

Can you please check and let us know if this feature has been disabled.

We tried it on a number of templates.

Please update.


Hi Nitesh, 

All of our templates have been remade to be Mobile Responsive out of the gate, but if you’re using a template that was released before _our Mobile Responsive launch, you may need to manually ‘responsify’ it.  I’m going to send you an email directly to follow up on this one. Hang tight!


I definitely won’t consider it mobile until we have access to the HTML5 type attribute on the input tag.  And not through javascript hacks - through the editor.