Unbounce Exit Overlays triggering for those who DO convert


Hi there

I couldn’t find this in the documentation, but I’ve setup convertibles on a few Unbounce landing pages with the exit intent feature.

The problem is that the popup gets triggered even if the user converts (e.g. completes the form, gets the confirmation message) when they try to leave the page.

How can it be setup so it doesn’t trigger if the user has completed the form?

Thanks in advance,



Hey Robert, thanks for reaching out. I’m curious if you found a solution to the issue you were experiencing.
What you’ve outlined should not be happening as we suppress a Convertable if the visitor has previously converted. The only targeting/trigger combination this does not apply to is when you are triggering your Convertable ‘On Click’.

I’m keeping an eye on this, so please let me know and we’ll get this sorted for you,



I wonder if @robertclarkey is referring to a conversion on a form on the host page @Cole_Derochie? If that’s the case there are ways we can prevent the overlay from triggering.