Unbounce Designer Needed


We need an experienced Unbounce landing page designer with testing and conversion expertise to design a landing page and manage the changes.


Hello Ron - I might suggest reaching out to a contractor at oDesk as well.

oDesk has a great system for tracking client/freelancer relationships and other Unbounce customers who have worked with their service have shared very positive feedback.

You can find a list of qualified designers through with them at https://www.odesk.com/contractors/des…


I am a small freelance designer with a lot of unbounce experience. I have increased conversion significantly through split testing different landing pages and calls to action using their great testing platform. Below is a link to one of my unbounce pages that I manage.


I am sure I can accomodate all of your needs, If you are interested you can contact me at entouragemediallc@gmail.com

P.S. when I started with Unbounce I went to odesk first, however there are very few providers that know the unbounce platform.


one more thing, check out #25 on the page below Oli talks about my page in his blog



Hey Ron,

Just wanted to touch bases with you to see if you found a guy to help you out. I have teamed up with some designers who do fantastic work for low fees.

Let me know!


Hi Greg

I know I am a bit late on this but I would love recommendations for fantastic reasonable designers for unbounce pages. (Steve, I sent you an email as well.) I can be reached at erika/@/springinsight /. / com. (Remove slashes and spaces.)


If you are still interested in a designer with conversion expertise. I’ve been in the industry for a few years now and could help with your needs.

email: Jonreyes@namella.com

Some previous work:




I am looking for someone who can take our page designs (currently in a layered .png file) and fit it into unbounce. We have the design. Just need whatever html or other coding that may be required to work with unbounce so it loads fast etc. And if you have suggestions for improving layout that would be a bonus but not essential.




I’m also interested in possibly outsourcing my landing page design. I’ve tried my best with both Unbounce and the Premise plugin but just can’t seem to get any real conversions.



Hey Michael, we’ve got a number of design partners listed on our website at http://unbounce.com/partner-types/des… – check it out.

We’re always growing that list as well so for anyone who may be interested in building and managing client pages in Unbounce, let us know.


We are in need of an unbounce designer.


Hi @Micki,

Feel free to PM me with a bit more details about your project and we can have a quick chat.



Hello Hristan,
Thank you for reaching out in response to my post via Unbounce forums –
We run a digital marketing agency and we have many clients with different
target audiences. Our web designer just
recently bowed out of Design work to start a family. So we are in need of a
reliable contractor that can possibly
work with us on more than one project. If you’re interested id like to ask
you for your contact info to add to our
spreadsheet, for my superiors, so we may refer to it when the time comes. I
would also like to know how much
experience you have using Unbounce? I look forward to hearing from you!



hi please mail me jonathan@refersa.co.za or skype:liquidwax need a designer/conversion expert for unbounce