Unbounce CTO generates traffic for his blog?


I just setup a custom domain for my landing page, but when I go to the domain (www.rewaards.com) the user directed to the blog page of the unbouce CTO. WTF?


Hi Fabian! The only way that might happen is if you had pointed your CNAME to unbounce.com instead of unbouncepages.com. I just happen to have my own personal site on the same server as our corporate blog (unlike our application, which is running on EC2). That’s likely something I’ll change quite soon, as you’re not the first person to run into this.

I notice you’re now pointing at unbouncepages.com, although that hasn’t fully propagated (I checked two DNS servers, one had the change, the other didn’t yet). Did you change this recently?



That is correct - I initially used the wrong CNAME. Happy you do not steal traffic ;-).