Unbounce crashes and I lose my changes


Unbounce is a great piece of software, but I have found it can be extremely buggy at times leading it to crash or not let me save work. Twice now I have been in the middle of a project where I have done a few hours worth of work and it has crashed, meaning I have lost everything.

Could you please create some kind of autosave feature. This is unbelievably frustrating.


Hey Michael - So sorry to hear your encountering crashing issues. This isn’t normal behaviour. I’m going to create a support ticket for you so we can investigate your issues further. Lookout for me email!


One place it crashes is when you try to change the font, specifically when you open the java script window to “choose more fonts”. It won’t let you close the box.


Hey Michael - I sent you a support email. Did you get it? I asked you a few questions that will help us narrow down the issue.


This happened to me yesterday as well. I was using the text editor, clicked back on the page (instead of clicking close on the text editor) and it just crashed. I swear I hit save several times as well but after it crashed I lost everything (about 3-4 hours of work).


Hi Michael - quick follow up on Johnny’s comment. There’s isn’t a “choose more fonts” option in Unbounce’s javascript window. Could you post/send us a screenshot of what you see?


Sorry, I meant colours not fonts!