Unbounce conversions not being tracked in Adwords


So I am currently using Unbounce for our paid search efforts and it is working great. I am diecting search traffic to these subdomain unbounce pages for lead generation and once they submit the form they are taken to a Thank You page on our main not-Unbounce site. The only issues are the reporting within Google Analytics and Adwords. Google Analytics is reporting Unbounce conversions as referral conversions while Adwords isn’t registering the conversion at all. Any one have a solution?


Hi Thomas,

You need to configure your analytics setup to properly deal with the subdomain which excludes it from being tracked as a “self-referral”.
I could go through it all bit by bit but I think you’d benefit more from reading something a little more detailed so I’ve gone ahead and found a page that explains it reasonably well without getting too technical.


Good old Moz is a really good source of information to trust, take a peek at this and see if it explains a little more for you regarding your required analytics setup.

Hope that helps,