Unbounce Button Auto File Download and Redirect Function?


Hi Unbounce gang,

I’m working with one of the clients and got a request to make the CTA redirect to URL and automatically download a file. Does anyone have a solution for this? I linked with the unbounce team over the chat and they mentioned that this should be possible with a script.

So far I’ve been using this to “Download On Click” - http://www.technorange.com/cloudlinker-direct-link-generator-for-dropboxgoogle-driveone-drive-copy-com/

I know nothing of custom coding but from the side it looks like it should be a simple fix?

I’d really appreciate if anyone has an idea on how to make this work




Hey @Oleksandr_Ponomarenk!

There are a few ways you can go about doing this with Unbounce, however I’m not sure of a way to achieve it all at once. The first way is to incorporate a button on your form confirmation dialogue (or thank you page) that your users can click to download the PDF when they’ve submitted your form. You can read a little bit about how this is done here.

The second is to direct your users to a third party download link after submitting your form. This would trigger an automatic download, however there would be no thank you page.

If you haven’t already, I’d give that a shot. There might be some more technically savvy members of the community in here who might be able to help out as well. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for solutions!