Unbounce breaks existing Mailchimp signup forms


I love the MailChimp integration and love that unbounce automatically sets up the appropriate groups Ñ however, for existing lists – unbounce marks the new fields it creates as hidden AND required.

This breaks any existing mailchimp signup forms for that list outside of unbounce, because a user can’t enter the unbounce information. We sent out a 4,000 email mailing to one list directing them to one of our mailchimp signup pages today only to discover the form has been broken for days since we integrated it with a few unbounce landing pages, too.


Hi Justin,

This is a problem, and I’m glad you brought it up.
We rolled out a new release on Monday, February 5th that allows you to specify whether new fields are required or hidden.
Have you had the chance to try this out?


I’ve not yet. But I will today. Thanks!