Unbounce box in box with images not cycling


Its a bit of a mind f%$k but the title is true,

I am trying to incorporate a “slider” with a mix of images and text, i followed this updated guide

it worked when i placed an image over the top and let them cycle, however I thought I could implement a box in another box with images on that box, and so on and so forth, however, nothing is showing up at all…

feelsbad, what do I do?

Thanks all.


Hi Mike,

I use this workaround pretty regularly so I hope I can help. Each item nested within your carousel box will be rotated with this script. If you nest other boxes within the carousel box, the items in each box will rotate together, which is pretty handy for having an image + caption rotate together for example.

When using the script you must be certain that your boxes remain “nested” in the carousel box and that the items you want to display together are nested in their proper box. You can nest the items by dragging them into the other element. As you hover over the element, checkered lines will show up. If you drop the item in it will become nested in that element.

I would start by checking if your elements are all nested properly, as they can easily become un-nested if you are dragging things around in the builder. If that doesn’t work feel free to drop me a note at alison@launchlionmarketing.com.