Unbounce Announces New Webbuilder :: Sales Shoot Through The Roof!


I’m contemplating building a mini-site with Unbounce instead of Wordpress :: the problem, though, is seeing an enormous rate hike when the traffic starts flowing in :: please ask your supervisors if Unbounce is planning to introduce mini-sites for a monthly flat rate instead of the page-view rates.

This is a huge untapped market.

I’ll be in Vancouver in June if anyone would like to discuss this.


Agreed on this.

I usually drop Wordpress on the root domain, and then map a subdomain to unbounce. As conversion rates and sales increase, I start recreating the landing pages elsewhere to save $. I’d pay more for a complete mini site with reasonable traffic caps.



You said it best: I’d pay more for a complete mini-site with reasonable caps…if anyone else agrees, please chime in so we get the attention of management.


This would probably cannibalise their current revenue though?


They can have both.

Apple was a computer company with very low stock value until they launched the iPhone.

All I’m saying is there is a huge untapped demand for *quality* mini site design and Unbounce is poised perfectly to deliver it.

If anyone else agrees, please let the company know.


While a good idea. It doesn’t feel like it fits in with Unbounce’s core focus; landing pages. There are lots of mini site builders out there and it’s also included within most hosting packages such as 1&1, GoDaddy, Namecheap etc.


You don’t think it’s a good idea. But, I think Godaddy, 1&1 and all the rest make my point exactly.

The market is huge!

And, of course, I’ve looked at them all. They suck!

I’m asking if anyone can see the future in having the excellent design functionality of Unbounce to build awesome mini-sites.


I said it was a good idea.

If Unbounce was to set up a completely separate new system for mini-sites, with it’s awesome editor, then yes. I’m all for that and it would easily beat any current systems available in terms of usability and interface design.

I was only mentioning that there are lots of these types of site builders out there, I wasn’t saying that the Unbounce team couldn’t do a better job.


Okay, yes. While we both agree it’s a good idea, I think it’s an awesome idea!

People, if you would subscribe to an Unbounce web-builder let the company know.

It’s a very cool way to build websites :: it’s one-of-a-kind :: could generate life time customers :: and why not add domain registration too?

Someone is going to do it, why not Unbounce?


Hey guys, I love this conversation you’re having! For the time being, Oliver is mostly right in that we are razor focused on providing the best tool for building and testing landing pages, specifically for marketers.

From the very beginning though, we’ve known microsites were a natural extension of the product, and we have plenty of users who are creating them, even with the current limitations. When we feel that our core product is as solid as it can be, there’s a pretty good chance that we’ll tackle the capabilities to make microsites easier and more sensible with regards to our pricing structure. This will still be entirely focused on marketers though, not just general multi-page websites.

It’s great to see customers this passionate about our product, I really appreciate the discussion guys!



I applaud your answer Carter! Nice to hear there’s an understanding that mini-sites would be a natural extension.

Mission accomplished. I only wanted to hear it’s being considered.

Thanks for the reply.


No problem at all Charles. Keep the ideas flowing!


I’ll be in Vancouver in late May to discuss another project with James Martell: www.jamesmartell.com :: I’d like to have a meeting at your office with James to discuss a JV opportunity.

James has been teaching this stuff since 2000 and has many high level contacts who could help promote an Unbounce Webbuilder, should you eventually go that route.

Could be worth a talk.

Let me know if you’re open to that.



Hey Charles, fire an email to rick[at]unbounce[dot]com if you’re looking to hook up a meeting of any sort while you’re in town - he’d be the guy to talk to.


No matter whether it makes sense or not to use Unbounce for a micro site it will always lead to the same point for me, you cannot send leads in XML and customer service always sends you to “Web Hook” which does not work for Reynolds and Reynolds Lead Management.

Un bounce needs to address this, it would take them a 1/2 day of coding to correct yet they MAKE NO EFFORT.


Hi Bruce, does your idea of getting leads sent in XML have it’s own post on here? If so, can you provide a link, I quite like the sound it it. If not, post it as an idea and it might end up getting quite a few votes from other users.

While I can understand your frustration that a feature you want doesn’t exist. The comment of the Unbounce team ‘making no effort’ is inaccurate. Any development team has roadmaps and timelines to stick to. Half a day of coding one idea, could mean half a day lost on something more critical to the stability of the system. I’m sure the same applies to the Unbounce team.

There have been lots of ideas posted here, which have ended up being developed into the Unbounce system. If you post your idea here, others will see it and it will gain traction as a ‘must have’ feature.


Hey Bruce, Oliver is right: the best way to get visibility into a specific issue is to create a new post so that others can add a +1 and a proper discussion can be had. As I’m sure you can imagine we have quite a backlog of features and improvements that might only take half a day. We need to be focused with our priorities.