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Hi. I’m evaluating using Unbounce. I have a WordPress site. Does it make since to use both together or should they be used mutually exclusively?

Admittedly, I am a newbie at this, so any suggestions you might have would be appreciated. Can anyone point me towards some good examples to follow? Are there best practices follow?

All opinions and suggestions welcome.



Hey Mike - great question!

We have hundreds of customers that use Unbounce and WordPress together. In fact, here at Unbounce our team uses both!

We use WordPress for parts of our website and blog and we use our own product, Unbounce, for landing pages. For every marketing campaign we run, we build a landing page for it and drive a portion of our traffic to it separately. This let’s our marketing team work fast, we don’t have to wait for our Developers to build hundreds of landing pages for us.

More importantly, as landing pages have one clear call-to-action, it helps us improve our conversion rates and ultimately improve our marketing ROI - a HUGE win for everyone on the team! I’d highly recommend checking out this behind the scenes post on how we use landing pages in house!

PS: Does anyone else in the Unbounce community have any insight for Mike? We’d love to hear how you all use Unbounce with your existing website. How do you use Unbounce in your marketing funnel?


Hi Lou,
I am also building a wordpress site at the moment. The site is a 2-sided platform that helps bring clients together with suppliers so I basically have two main pages aimed at each of the two sides, from each of these I split the traffic throughout to each of the services we offer (service-1, service-2, service-3 and blog for instance). What I would like to do is use adwords to drive traffic to the main client-oriented site and the main supplier-oriented site. Since these would effectively be 2 landing pages I would really like to manage them from unbounce instead of wordpress so I can experiment, update easily and do CRO, but I have some questions:
1- domain issues- Could I use the main domain (www.example.com) on the unbounce landing page and then use links througout the landing page to www.example.com/service-1/, www.example.com/service-2/ , www.example.com/service-3/?
1a- Do you have a practical solution for point 1?
2-client-oriented site has one feature that is a wordpress plugin. Could we integrate that in an unbounce page?

Any help with these points much appreciated!


Same Here! I use wordpress and unbounce. We use our wordpress as our website and we use the domain for both unbounce and wordpress. However, we use unbounce to increase conversion rate by specifying each page per campaign (emails, ads, etc.). We even have some buttons on our site that link to unbounce landing pages.


Hi Enrique - If you already have your main website at www.domain.com, you won’t be able to publish your Unbounce pages there as well. You can always set-up a sub-domain to publish your Unbounce pages on though (ex. info.example.com or try.example.com, etc) and then push people through to your main site from there.

A Wordpress plugin won’t work on Unbounce, but depending on what it does, you can likely accomplish the same thing–what does that plugin do?


Hi Quinn,
Thanks for the prompt response. The plugin is a business directory type plugin that shows featured profiles from the directory on the home page. I could potentially do without this to accomodate using unbounce as a home page.
It would be really powerful to be able to keep same domain throughout though so that we could utilize the power of unbounce within our own sites. The way I see it, today almost every page in a website should be treated like a landing page. That’s why unbounce-wordpress seamless integration would be amazing. thanks


Hi Enrique - that could likely be accomplished with some custom code, but as it would be pulling from your Wordpress pages, it definitely wouldn’t be as seamless as between the Wordpress pages and the Wordpress widget.

One of the reasons we’ve stuck with the domain/sub-domain connection is that traditionally landing pages aren’t incorporated right into the website architecture, so thanks for sharing your use case, Enrique! It’s these sorts of things that help us decide how to manage our product road map going forward.


If you want a Unbounce Wordpress Plugin/Integration then please “like” and comment on this thread here: https://getsatisfaction.com/unbounce/…


:ub_logo: Official Update from Unbounce

While there are a lot of fantastic ideas in this thread, we have just officially released a  Wordpress Integration  which might make things a bit easier for you all. Check out the announcement and install the plugin to get started. Also, we currently have over 125 WordPress-ready templates to make things even easier. See how easy it is to build Wordpress landing pages with Unbounce!

As always, we love to hear actionable feedback - so be sure to let us know what you think!


Hi Justin, 

I’m wondering what’s the use case for not building out landing pages in wordpress directly vs. using unbounce? Where the benefit in using unbounce as an additional tool for this? 




Hi Laura, 

As a long time user of both, WordPress and Unbounce for myself and my clients, I thought I would share a bit of my experience with you and more precisely why you need both platforms:

  • Ease of use/speed - I’m yet to find a WordPress WYSIWYG builder/editor that is as easy to use as Unbounce yet versatile enough to allow you to implement pretty much any design you can come up with.

  • A/B testing - Landing pages shouldn’t be something you just set and forget. Ultimately you want to constantly optimize them through running A/B tests. You can, of course, do that with regular WordPress pages but you would still need a software to split traffic, measure results, etc. 

  • Integrations - Unbounce allows you to integrate your pages with a variety of 3rd party marketing and automation tools. 

  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion - If you are running Adwords campaigns this is a must have feature that sets Unbounce apart. 

  • Support - awesome support team that goes above and beyond to make sure your pages are a success. 

I guess that sums it up. 


@Justin - Apologies for jumping in when you were asked the question. 


Not at all, Hristian! Your response is spot on. 
Thanks for chiming in! :) 

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