Unbounce and Optimizely Integration


My Suggestion

Create an Optimizely Integration

The Problem

I work as Conversion Rate Manager. In my day to day my, I always running A/B test mostly for E-commerce websites. The tools that use are Optimizely for A/B tests Crazyegg for Heatmaps etc.
And this suggestion is specific for Optimizely because there’s no official support for it and even worst there’s no official documentation about that.

For me create and maintain several landing pages and run an experiment is a tedious and inefficient task.
I’m always worried about the scripts or snipped code instead of focus on goals and metrics.

So my problem is, if I have to run a simple A/B test this are the step that I need to follow

  1. create two single landing pages (Unbounce)
  2. set up the experiment (Optimizely)
  3. Go Unbounce config the snipped code on every single page.

So I have to add the code to the header of the page for every single page.

With Google Analytics I don’t have that problem I just have to add My Google Analytics ID on the integration dashboard of Unbounce and done.

So to get the job done, there are too many steps and many things to do and many things can go wrong.

The value would this provide

I have over 50 landing pages. And I always I’m running experiments, updating the pages, creating new pages o creating new variants.

So if you can create a 3 third party integration for Optimizely it will save me hundred of hours

As I mentioned there’s no official documentation Neither of Optimizely nor of Unbounce about it.
And there’s nobody with a solution


Hi Roman,

Out of curiosity, is there any particular reason you are setting up your A/B tests through Optimizely rather than directly through Unbounce?

As far as your issue with the snippets - you can actually solve that in one of two ways:

  1. Use the Unbounce script manager to deploy the Optimizely snippet on all of your pages. You set it up once and forget about it.

  2. Use GTM to deploy the Optimizely snippet. There might be certain problems with this depending on your set up but a valid solution non the less.




Hi @Hristian
Answering your Question
Yes, there is a particular reason to use Optimizely.
Optimizely is our primary statistic engine to run

  • A/B test,
  • Multivariate
  • Redirect experiments
  • App testing and so on

In the same way, Unbounce is our main Landing Page Builder. The Optimizely’s website builder does not have the level that Unbounces website builder has.

In the other hands to run test inside of my websites Unbounce is not the best option(some of our sites are made with custom PHP code others are Shopify stores)

So in other to make my live easier, I use Optimizely for optimization and Unbounce for Landing Pages.


Hey @Roman_Delcarmen,

Thanks for your feedback and I’d love to talk more about how you are running A/B tests using Optimizely.

Following @Hristian’s first point regarding managing your scripts more easily, I’m curious if you’ve tried Script Manager yet.

This should save you a ton of time. If not, I’d love to hear why!