Unbounce and GTM: Forms firing twice no matter what method I use

So, I’ve tried every way to do this to no avail.

I tried the Custom Event with event name “gtm.formSubmit but that didn’t work. General form submission same thing. They fire, but they fire twice.

My LP is hosted on its own subdomain. No matter what I try, it doesn’t fire or it fires twice when I submit the form and get the popup confirmation.

Hey @slvex,

My name’s Alex - I’m part of the support team here at Unbounce! :wave:

GTM can be a bit tricky to troubleshoot for sure! If you are comfortable doing so, we can take a look at your setup here, if you’d like.

I would just need the published page URL to see what things look like on the Unbounce end of things.

Feel free to also e-mail our support team directly at support@unbounce.com if you haven’t done so already and we can do a deeper dive that way if you prefer. Or you can also share a good e-mail address I can reach you at and I can open a support ticket for you manually.

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