Unbounce and Facebook Pages


Does Unbounce have a way to embed landing pages in Facebook Pages? It would be great if they supplied the code (iFrame, HTML,or FBML?) necessary to do this.


any reply ?


What is the answer to this question?


Hey everyone Ñ the biggest requirement for Unbounce to be used in Facebook pages is SSL (hosting your pages on https instead of just http.) The good news is that now that our team is mostly done re-building our page server to accommodate dynamic text insertion, we are nearly ready to start working on SSL.

There will likely be a hard cost incurred for SSL, so secure domain add-ons will probably be more expensive than regular domains. Out of curiosity, is support for Facebook pages something you would pay extra for?


It depends on how much. Maybe a small charge as I like the flexibility when building the page, but there are several platforms (shortstack, pagemodo) where there is no upcharge to integrate with FB.


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Is there any update on integration with Facebook?.

The page tabs look beautiful for about 5 minutes and then the lack of the HTTS causes them to crash. Will this be updated any time soon? I have a TON of pages I could add.


Thanks Tammi, I appreciate the feedback.


No update on SSL ? I am usning woobox for my tab it s messing the design I do in Unbounce seems the code isn t recognized, Pagemodo is ok but no SSL so I m stuck :frowning:


Hi Taylor–unfortunately, we’re still not there on SSL, but we are making progress. One bit of progress is rolling out a new page server (which just happened today).

In addition to some new features, it’s also a major step forward in our goal of providing an SSL solution, as it provides some of the underlying architecture that we didn’t have previously.

I’m sure Carter will chime in here when we have more updates, but I’ve also gone ahead and tagged your account, Taylor, so you’ll be among the first to know when we’re getting ready for beta testing, etc.


Hello Quinn, great can’t wait , keep on the good work guys !


Any word? I’m trying to be patient, but I may need to jump ship soon…


Yeah me too, hard to say that but need to look forward to the competition if no ssl :(((


Hey guys, we are still in some experimenting stages to figure out the best way forward for us to provide SSL as cheap and as easy as possible for customers. There are many different factors involved in hosting SSL certificates and in evolving our Page Server infrastructure to accommodate thousands of unique domains.

Unfortunately I still have no ETA, but can only assure you that we are working on it as quickly as we can.


Waiting for it :slight_smile:


Would be great if Unbounce would integrate with facebook in a way that allows us to pass landing pages over to facebook tabs like LeadPages.


Any update on this yet? Been with Unbounce for a few months but just attended a leadpages webinar and they can add a custom landing page as a facebook tab in 4 clicks!

It’s honestly making me consider switching.


I would not mind paying a bit more for all Social Media accesses - it is vital now.


I already indicated also - if this would be added, even at some extra costs, I would drop Leadpage, cause Unbounce is so much easier and friendlier.


Please don’t take this as a complaint but I think you plans pricing is already high in comparisons with your competitors. I think this is OK because you have a great product but note that the lack of better social network integration is a pain in the ass. In my opinion, this feature should be included without extra.
That said, for custom domain, SSL will require a specific X509 certificate and there you can offer two options :
1 - We buy our own certificate upload it to your servers, like many cloud platforms allow us to do.
2 - We buy a certificate through Unbounce with a very straightforward process, easy buying, no setup, no headaches. In that case I would clearly buy it and I think you can make this option very competitive in terms of pricing and flexibility.


I agree, customers should not be charged more for this.