Unbounce and AdWords Really Low Quality Scores



I am in a huge hole!

One of my clients uses Unbounce and for some reason, all our Quality Scores say that we have a “below average” landing page experience.

Is it the tool? Can anyone share any light on the situation?

  • We use SKAG - modified broad, phrase, exact
  • We are bidding on good relevant keywords
  • The keywords are in the ads
  • The keywords are on the landing page
  • We are paying above the first page bid, and I think the poor quality scores are giving us very bad traffic.

I have other clients who I use the same strategies and landing page tactics and we don’t have this problem.

Everything seems to be pointing back to Unbounce.

Please help me. My email is ppcdan@gmail.com. Is anyone willing to jump on a skype call ppcdan. I’ll gladly compensate you if you want.

Can anyone help me before I lose this client?




Can anyone help at all?


Hey @ppcdan – I’m not PPC expert by any means, but perhaps it could be to do with page speed/load time?

Since Unbounce pages are ‘cloud’ software, we can only really make basic changes to speed up pages; see this for some tips: How to Speed Up Unbounce Pages?

Can you link to your page(s)? Maybe something else stand out.



Hi Zoe,

Thank you for replying. Yes, page speed is important for quality score. I will take a look at the link you provided and see if that helps.




Sometimes QS gets stuck on how a page was “once upon a time”. Not often, but it does happen.
Duplicate the ads and wait a day or two after getting traffic and recheck. But yes, before duplicating… ensure your page speed issues are handled.



Hey Mark,

Thank you for your reply. That is a solid tip.