Unbounce + Act-On Integration


The push URL feature that Act-on has works well with Unbounce if you’re just looking to grab an email address. What I’ve had to do is build a “confirmation” page in Unbounce and then use that as my redirect for the Act-on form. We don’t push data back to Salesforce so I can’t speak to that. I’ve been testing it over the last few days and just need to figure out the SSL side of it. In our testing it allowed us to push the email address directly into Act-on that we can use in our automated programs. 

Unbounce’s ability to customize the field submission didn’t work at first for how we have Act-on configured so I had to adjust the naming convention to make it work. The default in our Act-on is “E-Mail Address”… Unbounce form field can’t use the dash so it wasn’t linking up in our account. I had to change Act-on to be EmailAddress and then matched it up in Unbounce.

In Act-on you can click on the “content” tab on the left (in the new UI they launched) and then click Form Post URLs. Then select the form you want to get the URL for and use that in Unbounce. I’m still working through the whole SSL piece of it.

It’s not a perfect solution or super simple integration but works for this situation. 


Stefan, thanks for this thorough reply. I will try this for now, hopefully unbounce will add act-on for a more easy integration in the near future.


Hey Everyone, 

Thank you for providing all of this awesome insight and feedback on what you would like to see in a Act-On and Unbounce integration. We are currently chatting with Act-On on possible work around solutions that can be implemented quickly and investigate requirements on a more in depth feature integration in the future. 

It sounds like the main use case would be to use a Unbounce form and configure field mapping to push leads into Act-On which would trigger certain automation activities. 

Please keep the feedback coming and let us know how you would like to use Act-On and Unbounce together and what functionality would be most important to you. 

Although I can not speak to timelines today for a Act-On integration we are well on our way to releasing a shiny new Wordpress integration which we know will make a lot of your lives easier! 

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Please make this integration happen!!! We love act-on’s marketing automation + Unbounce’s Landing Page dev capabilities!


MD at a digital marketing agency. A few of our clients use Act-On. Please make this happen, :slight_smile: Just need to be able to push form data into Act-On so it’s then tracked and any automation triggers within Act-On.

Act-On + Unbounce is a PERFECT integration marriage.


Same here - currently using Act-On, just signed up for a trial on unbounce (planning on using it moving forward) and need to have this integration in place. Do you have an update on where this stands?


Hi Meagan - do you have an update on your discussions with Act-On?


I’ve used Act-On for quite a while and just signed up for Unbounce. This integration would make our lives so much easier! Is there an update on progress?


Hi Meagan, when this is complete, will it require a Pro level Unbounce subscription (as Salesforce integration does)? - Thanks!


Hello Everyone, 

Thank you for continuing to provide your support and feedback for this integration. We have made a lot of progress in these last few months building a reliable and scalable new service which will help us build lead based integrations with companies like Act-On more efficiently and improve our turn around time to deliver these integrations moving forward. 

With that said, I do not have a timeframe today on when Act-On will be available, or which of our plans it will be available on. 

Please keep the support for this integration coming, and remember to vote for this idea. 

Thank you, 


I am trying to push info captured by the unbounce page to an act-on form url… any suggestions?  I tried mapping the field names and using the link… it appears that its registering with the acton form but NOT sending what folks type into the form.


Ann, try not having any spaces in the field value both in the Unbounce form and ACT-ON Form, that worked for me.
So instead of First Name you would use FirstName as field value both in Act-on and Unbounce. Hope it works.


Hi Guys,

Any update on Act-On Integration? This would be really helpful!


Hi Meagan - really appreciate your comments. This thread has been in place for more than 8 months now and it looks like you’ve been in discussions with Act-On for almost 6-months. Have you and Act-On agreed on a timeline to put a solution in place?


Hi All, 

Thank you for the ongoing support for a Unbounce integration with Act-On.

Since our initial conversation, we’ve been gathering information from customers like you to better understand your needs from an integration with Act-On. We’ve made some great progress but are still putting together the integration wish list and would love your input!

Any insight into use cases, workflows or what information is most valuable for you to share between Act-On and Unbounce would be greatly appreciated.  

Our recent focus has been on building out our new lead based integration service to help us build more robust integrations efficiently.

We love hearing from you on what we should prioritize next, so please like and share this post if you want to see an Act-On integration with Unbounce.

Happy to connect directly to discuss further, as we’re always looking to learn more about your needs and goals.


We use ActOn for marketing automation and our CRM is Salesforce. While Unbounce will push directly to Salesforce (which is great), the inability to integrate Unbounce/ActOn means we can’t link a website visitor with our CRM lead records until they have clicked an email they received through ActOn. And lots of people don’t ever click through emails.

When we use ActOn’s lead capture forms, the “link” between website visitor and CRM lead is established at the moment they submit the lead capture form. That allows our salespeople to see website browsing history which is incredibly helpful in starting conversations and hopefully closing the sale.

Does that help for a use case?


Hi, it was 5 month since this thread was updated. I just want to bump it, and ask ACT-ON if there is any updates on the progress. Thanks in advance!


all we need is just to push the leads to Act-On!!  You guys could make a killing marketing your landing page integration to their users because their design tools are terrible, but their automation is great.  the workflow to do this now is tremendously time consuming - please help!!


Keen to see this happen guys, I know the thread on this has dropped now but we recently saw a great need for this when using act-on for all of our other web forms, it should definitely be an integration you guys offer


We are implementing ActOn in the next few months (90% decided on Act-On), Biggest sticking point is we are using Unbounce. Any update on an integration - believe this is on the request list almost 2 years?