Unbounce Acquires Snazzy AI: Never Write Copy from a Blank Page Again

Hi :wave: , I’m Aurora, Product Marketing Manager on the Strategic Growth team at Unbounce, here with a big announcement!

Ever sat at your desk just wondering why you can’t make your words say the right thing?! Writing draft after draft and struggling to put pen to paper? Been there.

One of the hardest parts of building landing pages is writing the copy (at least I think so!) And what we know from analyzing conversions across millions of landing pages is that copy is one of the biggest predictors of whether a customer will convert or not.

Last year Unbounce received a round of funding investment, and we’re on a mission to help you grow smarter with it. That’s why Unbounce is focused on delivering conversion intelligence—creating AI-powered tools that, when combined with your marketing intelligence, allow you to create your highest-converting campaigns. This week we took the next big step towards moving beyond just landing pages and creating a platform that helps you optimize the entire conversion journey.

And we have just the thing for you. :drum::drum::drum: Drumroll, please :drum: :drum::drum:

Unbounce has officially acquired Snazzy AI :tada:

What’s Snazzy AI?!

Snazzy AI is an AI-powered copywriting tool that takes the struggle out of writing copy. By pairing your skills with AI, Snazzy gives you the power to quickly create copy for landing pages, ads, emails, pitches to VCs, Tik Tok Video ideas, and so much more.

Snazzy has already won the hearts of over 30,000 marketers by helping them build higher-converting campaigns in a fraction of the time.

Watch a product demo to see it in action


This means you’ll never have to start building your campaigns from a blank slate, giving you more time to focus on learning what works (and what doesn’t). With conversion intelligence tools like Snazzy, you can be confident you’ve got the top-performing content before you even publish.

Curious to see how it works? Snazzy has both a premium and free tier; give it a try and put an end to your writer’s block. Use it to publish your next blog post, launch your next product, or even write and land your next book deal (seriously, call your publisher and let them know it’s coming sooner than expected).

With the Snazzy chrome extension, you can also start using AI to generate headlines and copy in Unbounce today.

This is just one way Unbounce wants to continue helping SMB marketers grow smarter. There’s much more to come (I just couldn’t wait a minute longer to share the big news) so stay tuned!


Oh, and P.S, I used Snazzy AI to help me write this post!

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 8.22.36 AM


I gave Snazzy a go after hearing this. Frankly, I’m surprised at the quality of what it kicks out. Human-level out of the gate? Nothing is. But a set of 80% baked PPC ad copy in a few seconds … yeah, that rocks.


Is it possible to use Snazzy in spanish language?

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Not yet; however, it’s possible and something we could look into! Is this something that would be valuable to you @AReyes ? Any other languages that you would like to see included?

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Agree @Adam_Smartschan ! I was so pleasantly surprised the first time I tried this. Which templates have you tried out? I love the Viral Growth Ideas; it got my creative juices flowing!

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Spanish would be great for now!


This is pretty cool! I gave Snazzy a go the other day, and very impressed with the copy it came up with – a really strong starting point to refine from :grinning:


Yeah! I’ve adopted a saying from a colleague of mine to use Snazzy in an 80/20 capacity. If you can use AI to help you get 80% of the way there, then you can add your own secret sauce and human touch to round out the final 20%. I’m already so blown away with the copy, hard to believe it’s AI :exploding_head:


The 80/20 rule is exactly how I have found myself using Snazzy! Great way to get the creative juices flowing and never having to start from a blank page.

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Yes exactly what I was thinking – especially handy for when you feel a bit stuck or uncreative! Plus, from a designer’s perspective – writing copy whilst designing uses different parts of my brain and feels really hard. Being able to get relevant copy instantly and designing around that makes this process much better. BYEEEE LOREM IPSUM!

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