Unbounce A/B test tracking code for custom signup form


Hi, we want to use A/B testing functionality of Unbounce for a landing page which has a custom html signup form element (the users enter their email and password, click submit and go to their account in our main app).

Can we somehow track these forms submissions using unbounce tracking?

I’ve found a tracking code I could put on a thank you page but I am not sure it is applicable in our case - I could fire it once the user is already inside his account but isn’t it going to be triggered also for users who don’t come from unbounce? And what if I have 2 different sets of unbounce a/b tests - does the tracking script ‘know’ which page exactly the user came from (eg through cookie) and which a/b test groups he comes from?


Hi Karl, 
It looks like there hasn’t been any activity on this post yet, so I’m going to go ahead and push this to our Customer Success team to see if they can help answer your questions. Hang tight and look out for an email shortly!