I know it’s a designed image with shading and other properties, not a pure color… but what is the closest color code for the blue background on the “lead gen, coming soon” template


nevermind… i figured out a way to use “tileing” to accomplish basically the same goal of cloning the box


Would be unreal if there were preloaded images like straight line page dividers, backgrounds, buttons, and other building blocks that we could use… so when we went into add image we could tab between our own images and an existing library


Hey Adam - we’re definitely planning to implement this soon, as quite a number of people have asked for it. Thanks for the suggestion!


Hey Adam!

If you ever want to figure out a color code again (and have Photoshop or some other art program), you can always take a screen capture of your monitor (with the color visible in your screen capture) and then use the eyedropper in your art program to get the color code.

~Sara Beth




There’s also this handy firefox plugin: ColorZilla