UI Update: Republish in the Builder


Quick question…

Do you find it frustrating to go in and out of the Page Builder to republish changes to your pages? If so, you’ll be happy to know that we are currently rolling out a new UI improvement that will allow you to Republish your pages  directly within the Page Builder!

In addition to Republish in the builder, we have also made some updates to the Save button. You’ll notice that we’ve moved the Save button from within the toolbar to just above the Properties Pane. This means, you can now Save, Preview and Republish all within the same corner of the builder, allowing you to work more efficiently

We are going to start slowly rolling this feature out to a small number of customers, just to test things out. If you want to get early access to this awesome UI improvement, just post in the comments below and we’ll enable it on your account.

Update : Your continuous feedback was super positive, so we’ve now released this feature to  all  users. Thanks to everyone who tested this feature out pre-launch!


I’m in!


Hook me up, bro!


I got your back, Finge! Hang tight, we’ll be enabling your account shortly. :slight_smile:


We want in bro!


Wow That would be awesome!  please let me in on this to :slight_smile:


Yes please!


I want in


We want in also.  Thanks


Same here. Pls enable it in our account! :slight_smile:


I’m in :slight_smile:


I’m in :slight_smile:


Yes please!


Me too, please! :wink:


Me too please :slight_smile:


Is this live? I’d love to use this asap :slight_smile: pleeeeeeeease 


Yes, please count me in as well!! This sounds great!


Hey folks! Just an update, we should be enabling this on your accounts (hopefully) sometime later today, or tomorrow. We found a couple little bugs that we want to exterminate before we launch the early access release.

Once it’s enabled, be sure to give it a whirl and let us know your thoughts on the change. Your feedback is crucial, and if we hear enough back then we’ll consider doing even_more_early access features for the Community. 



Coming soon, Stuart! Your account is definitely on the early access list. :slight_smile:


Can I republish page with Hot key combination?