Typekit fonts in editor view


Is it possible to render custom typekit fonts within the page editor view? The font required by the client is narrower than the default Arial font in the editor so it’s causing a lot of extra “republishing” to fix line breaks due to different character widths in the fonts. I have a fall back font set to PT Sans which also narrow but in the editor it only displays Arial.


I have to say that this is annoying for me too!


Hi Aaron (and Jean-Luc), 

We’re actually hoping to tackle the preview functionality entirely so you can get a more accurate view of what your published page will actually look like (including any additional javascript/css/html). We don’t have any timeline in place just yet, but rest assured that our product team is aware of this and will be looking to find a fix for it in the future. 


Thanks Justin! Looking forward to it. Keep up the great wok over there…


Thanks for the update Justin!


Any updates on this fix/problem?