Typeform answers in UnBounce

I am using typeform and one of the issues is that it can not show the answers to a quiz only the score. Does anyone have a good solution in UnBounce where I can pass in the answers (which I know how to do using utm parameters and zapier) but will display which are right and wrong? I am open to purchasing table creators and whatnot, but I am just stuck

Here is a video of what I mean: https://www.loom.com/share/cbf9c411eb2c4d32bc312816e0721263

Landing page: https://get.innatebiology.com/fasting-quiz-not-maximizing/
Quiz: https://quiz.typeform.com/to/IIawiITe?utm_source=xxxxx&utm_medium=xxxxx&utm_campaign=xxxxx&utm_term=xxxxx&utm_content=xxxxx

What I do in such case is I create a answer sheet download link at the end screen where I display score

But is there a way to do it dynamically so they know which they got right and wrong

Not as of now