Two page form - The first form sends the user an email if they did not complete the second form


Hi Unbouncers

Does anyone have any ideas on how this could be done

I have a form that works over two landing pages

Page 1 collects email, name, telephone

Page 2 collects address, work history, etc

Now what I would like to do is this

If a user does not fill out the second pages form within a specified time frame…

They automatically receive an email encouraging them to fill out part 2 of the form

I am happy to use, Mailchimp, Zapier or anything like this

If I cannot find a solution I will just have to create a bot to do it

But there must already be a solution?

Thanks in advance for any advice.



Can you share the link to the page(s)? I think there is a way to do this with Mailchimp. I’m running through the steps in my head before I write a full reply. But you can trigger email sends based on a time decay. I just need to think about the trigger for the action. I have done something similar, but it was all on one page. 

Have you considered Formstack? I think they have this functionality built in.




Are you trying to get them to fill out both page 1 and page 2 during their initial visit to the landing page? Or is it more like… They fill out page 1, you capture the info, and email them a link to page 2 after a delay?

If it is the latter, you can do this with most marketing automation platforms. I use ActiveCampaign, and with their system, you could just email them the link to page 2, and wait a while, and if they didn’t click on the link and fill out the form, you could automatically send them a reminder email. On the backend this would be handled with tags.



Here are the pages

I think if Mailchimp has the time delay this would be the easiest solution.

So it would trigger if say 5 hours has been since the initial conversion and they have not completed the form on the second page.


I would like the user to complete all stages in one visit ideally

But if they do not complete, encourage them to complete stage two with an email


Vinny :slight_smile:


Hi is there anyone on the forum who can help with this?

This type of process is possible with Shopify and Mailchimp

But it would be awesome if it is possible with Unbounce