Two Forms, One Page


Oh hey,

My team is trying to create a landing page with a form, prominently displayed, that leads to a recorded asset. Additionally, they’d like an image that leads to a lightbox with a form that leads to the same recorded asset (a pop-up form).

So, basically, two forms on the same page leading to the same thing. Two chances to convert. Because who doesn’t like a second chance?

Does anyone have workarounds for this? As far as I know, there can only be one form on an Unbounce page at a given time.

We tried adding a form to the light box separately, but it won’t let us add one if there’s one already on the page.

Thanks for the help, all!



Not sure if this would work, but I think it might…

  • Create another page with only a contact form
  • Publish it
  • On your leadgen page, create a button “Go to URL in a Lightbox”
  • Link it to that page with the contact form

Only thing is that the conversion for that form would live on a separate page.

Let me know if that’s a workaround that works.



There really isn’t in unbounce. However, you can create a button that will bring you right back to that form. That is what I do, I’ll have multiple CTA’s on a page that all jump right back to one form.