Two different emails for radio buttons?


Hello unbounce team! :slight_smile:
I search on the community and i don’t find any post that talk about that, i have two radio buttons:

  1. a-example
  2. b-example

i want to do something… when the user pick a-example send me a email to and when the user chose b-example send a email to

is that posible?

thanks a lot for the support and the time for read this,


if thats not posible, can i send two different emails with two different buttons?
for example:

Button 1
Button 2

button 1 is for one email and button 2 is for another one… is that posible?



Hey there Morcio,

That’s a great question: while this isn’t possible using an Unbounce form, sending new leads a particular email based on their options may be doable, depending on which email service you are planning to use. Let me know which email service you’re using and I can try and help you dig into this!



Hey Helen, thanks for the answer!! :slight_smile:

if in a email service this is posible i will use the email service that you suggest, thanks a lot for your time, cheers! :slight_smile:


Hey Morcio,

Apologies, I think I gave you an answer to a different question than the one you were asking! It sounds like you actually want to receive lead notification emails to 2 different email addresses based on which radio button option is chosen on the form. This isn’t possible in Unbounce, but I’m really curious to learn why you want to do this and what you’re looking to achieve! If you don’t mind sharing your use case on this, perhaps myself or one of our lovely community members will be able to offer some insight into how you can achieve what you’re looking to do!

Looking forward to your reply, Morcio!


Well Helen, im doing a StartUp that connect professionals freelancers to big companies being the first private social network from professionals to professionals… on my landing website i have two radio buttons one is for freelancers and the another one is for companies… i want to provide the best support for my clients… so when a client send me a email i will answer immediately, but when a freelancer send me a email i will answer one day latter, thats because the freelancer can send me a email at 3am and thats wake me up and i will don’t get money, for the another hand… if a client contact me at 3am… a email will wake me up and i will contact him immediately, giving to the client the best support ever.

Sorry for my bad english and redaction, my first language is spanish so… im not good at all in english…

The idea for the radio buttons could work also for companies that have different services, thanks a lot for your time reading this, if you have another answer just tell me.



Hey there Morcio, 

First off, your English is wonderful, please do not feel the need to apologise. Secondly, thanks for giving me that insight into what you’re looking to achieve!
Using your mail client, you could certainly set up a message filter that would **forward** lead notification emails containing a certain word over to another, second email address. I’ve opened an email support ticket for you so we can talk more about how to do this! It’s not an Unbounce solution, but I’m happy to lend a hand as I think this will help you achieve your goal. 

Warm wishes,