Turning a landing page into a microsite



If you’re following along in @Oli_Gardner’s series of blogs, which I’m sure all of you are (and if you’re not, well, no judgement.) (Okay maybe a little judgement.)

You’ll see in his latest post he goes into great detail about the process of turning a landing page into a microsite, and near the bottom he includes a link to the community :muscle: which explains the use of the Sticky Bar, so I wanted to follow up here.

In his example, he included a sticky bar as a nav (that isn’t native in Unbounce, at this point), but it’s a cool thing you can do. As such, it’s not technically supported, although our community loves this type of thing. That’s where I come in :wave:

Here’s the link to his final microsite, which includes the aforementioned sticky bar:

If you read that post and want to implement this sticky nav on your microsite, here’s the post that shows you how to do it!

Also, a note from Oli regarding mobile view:
(Desktop only right now I’m afraid. I’ll set up mobile responsive soon but it’s 2am and this blogging schedule is killing me :D).

Hopefully this answers any questions you may have, and if not, feel free to hit Reply and we’ll chat!

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