Trying to unpublish a page so that I can use a different URL


I am launching a new landing page and want a different url than I used before. So, I read that I need to first unpublish my published page with that old url. I’m trying to do that but it’s been busy for hours. It just says “Hold Tight.” Well, I was up all night trying to get this new landing page designed and worked on it all day. I have everything else ready, including my google ads. But I can’t publish my page because I can’t change the url. You get the picture. I’m a little frustrated. Can you please help?


Hey Anne,

I was able to track down that page for you and kicked it out of the unpublishing state. Sorry for the hassle there but you should be all set to change your page’s URL now.


Thanks so much for your quick response!!! So excited to go live tonight! Thanks again!


Same problem… How can I solve?


Hi Edgar, I found your page and I’ve kicked it out of the unpublishing state now, so you should be all set. Sorry for the trouble that caused! That does happen very infrequently, but if you do run into it again, please email us at, so we can make sure we can get it fixed up for you as fast as possible.