Trying to share a landing page on Facebook but the title & description is all wrong


I have edited the Title & Description in the Metadata section in the editor, but when I try to share the page on Facebook it just pulls up the url as the title and the description is a random bit of text from the botom of the page (legal disclaimers etc.)

If I have entered the Title & Description in Unbounce, why is it not being pulled by FB?


Why not just automatically set the OG tags to equal the unbounce tags by default?


Hi David - most search engines will look at title and meta description, but Facebook tries to grab content by crawling your actual page, unless you’ve set open graph (OG) tags.

We’ve got some documentation about adding OG tags to your page here.


This seems to be a popular ask, so we’ve created an easy guide which you can find here:

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