Trying to link a landing page on subdomain with Google Analytics


Here’s the thing, I have google analytics/adwords running on our website

Now I made a landing page and separate subdomain ie:

I put the google snippet into both the main landing page and the confirmation form page with my ID.

My adwords is not recognizing conversions. Unbounce is.

This might be more of a google question but hoping Unbounce users can help me out. Our adwords/analytics all point to the www version of the site. I want it to track the subdomain version. But I also don’t want to mess any of the existing stuff up.

Any tips?


Hi @MJaram :slightly_smiling_face: For that to happen you need to add the Google Ads conversion script to your confirmation page. I would also recommend using the built-in script for Google Analytics that you find under Script Manager to add your GA-script.


Hi Finge,

I added the built-in Google analytics from script manager.

I also put the Google Ads snippet with my tracking ID on the main landing page AND the confirmation form.

The tracking ID is pointing to the same campaign we have running from the www part of the website. And wondering if there are any changes I need to do on the Analytics/Adwords side of things to get it to pick up the subdomain whilst still using the same campaign. Like I said it could be more of a Google question except the responses are very generic and not specific to landing pages/unbounce. I was hoping someone from Unbounce could help:

Basically already have a thing set up in Adwords/Analytics for the, but now I made, added the tracking scripts on both landing page/form + the one in script manager. Do I need to do anything on the Google side of things for it to pick up on the subdomain instead of the www? Or should it be doing it automatically? Thanks for your reply.


@Stefano, this could be up your alley. Any insight into this?