Trying to get form submission to link up to Kickofflabs unbounce anyform



This may be a problem more on kickofflabs end but I’ve been trying to link the form submission (lightbox) to kickoff lab’s unbounce anyform which is a viral sharing/tracker. I see in their tutorial that there is a form confirmation option that states post data to url but I no longer see that option. The tutorial was authored in 2014 so it could be that that feature was removed later.

I do see an option in unbounce that states Click Action: Go to URL in Lightbox. Is that pretty much the same thing? Will there be issues with API integration if there isn’t some other javascript written into unbounce page?


Also how do I delete a form confirmation dialog? I was using a template and I see no option to remove that extra page.


Hi @TK750 You should see the option to “POST form data to a URL” in the builder when the form is selected. Here’s a screen shot from a test page in my account:

You don’t need to delete the form confirmation dialogue. If it’s not being used and the form on the page isn’t setup to show it then it simply won’t ever load on the live page. You’d see a message in the builder when navigating there:

Hope this helps! Happy to take a closer look if you’d like to share a link to the page.