Trying to get a converting LP (lead gen.)


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
Build an high converting LP. We are looking for companies that need a machine for sheet metal.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Google AdWords

3: What is your conversion goal?
Contact through the web form

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:


Thanks for sharing your page. Here’s some feedback:

  1. Typically, you’ll want to have a logo in your header, to help build credibility. Usually it’s in the upper left. This helps people understand who you are.

  2. Right now, the “above the fold” hero section doesn’t do much. The headline “Sheet metal working machines that make the difference for their precision” is not very value-driven. Sure, that’s a feature, but it doesn’t tell me the value, or “what’s in it for me.” Consider re-writing the headline so that it’s more focused on the visitor and solving their problem. Maybe something like “Custom built sheet metal machines that help you reduce waste by 50%” or something like that. I don’t know what the customers are actually looking for when buying a machine like this, so your best bet is to use customer surveys and interview data to come up with a compelling headline.

  3. Add a call-to-action button below the headline, so that it’s above the fold. You want people to know what to do right when they get on the page. And make sure it stands out with a contrasting color that is only used for your call to action buttons.

  4. Add some testimonials. This will help build trust.

  5. Add some trust logos. For instance, have you sold the machines to notable companies? If allowed, include their logos. This also helps build trust.

  6. Your privacy policy is in a different language. And it opens in the same tab. Consider having it open in a new tab.

  7. Your form headline should be more descriptive. It should stand on its own. Right now, it’s more like a subheadline that explains what happens when you fill it out. Maybe try something shorter and punchier like “Get a free quote on a custom sheet metal machine today.”

  8. If you have one, a video would be super helpful for products like this. We did a page for a “pallet rack” company a while back. While you’d think it would be a rather boring page, having a video that showed the different types of pallet racks really spruced things up.

Best of luck with the page!


Thank you very much Nicholas. I am trying to add a variant and follow your suggestions.
If I add a CTA below the headline, how can I send the user to the form below when they click that button?
This is what you thought?


You can make any button link to any section of the page below. Simply use an anchor link.

  1. You first need to decide what section you want the button to “jump” to. Then, grab the element ID of that section, which can be found by clicking on the section, then looking in the panel on the right at the very bottom. Copy the value for “ID”.

  2. Then, simply click on the button, and change the hyperlink to that section ID. So for instance, the link will look something like “#lp-pom-block-153”

That’s it!

Here’s a GIF showing the process:

giphy (2)

Also, you might want to add a “smooth scrolling” feature to the page, so when people click on the button, it moves down the page slowly. To do that, see this article:


Thanks again Nicholas.
Is it better now?


Looking good! What an improvement. That was fast too. Keep us posted on how the page performs and keep testing!


Hi Nicholas. Nothing good for now.
Almost 170 visits, no conversions…
Now I’ve just tried tried a little change in the message with a new variant:


Try also my new:


What’s your traffic source? And what do the ads look like?


Traffic source is AdWords
Most traffic goes to:

And ads are these and similar:
Describe Your Ideal Machine
We’ll find the Best Providers
Find the best sheet metal machine manufacturer and get an advantageous proposal!

Top Sheet Metal Machines
Price Performance Comparison
We find the best price-performance on the market for your needs.

Keywords are “sheet metal machines” “steel working machines” and some specific machine categories
I am missing something for sure, since I see that users stay there for 10-20 seconds, don’t read and go away…


Hey there,

I made a short video with some additional feedback for you:


Thanks Nicholas for your precious advices.
I did other optimizations.
I think that now we have a good Google campaign and a good page. Look also at the g.html and f.html variants we have just created.
We also had 2 conversions in the last few hours so today the overall conv. rate is over 2%, near 4% for e.html.
The only big problem is the products thing you said and it is not possible to solve it at the moment since we haven’t products and we want to focus on what we really offer. So we made the whole AdWords+LP more consistent and we focused on the real value proposition we can really offer…


Looking good! Nice to hear that you’re getting some conversions. Let us know how it goes and best of luck with the campaign!