Trying to add bottom border to a button via CSS


Hello, i am trying to add a bottom border to a button via custom css but it doesn’t seem to work, the css code seems to not be registering.

Here is my code:

#lp-pom-button {
    border-bottom: 5px solid #138ac2;

Nothing changes on the editor page or the preview page. What am i doing wrong?

Any help is appreciated.


Hi Alex - your button should have a specific ID that’s something like #lp-pom-button-10, #lp-pom-button-25, etc. If you swap out lp-pom-button for that specific ID it should override the default border=none that’s set.

You can see the ID of your specific button by clicking on it in the editor, which will bring up its properties in the right hand panel:


It worked, thank you :slight_smile: