Triggering lightbox with link in text copy



Q: What feature / functionality are you looking for?
A: Text links can trigger a lightbox

Q: What problem are you trying to solve?
A: For buttons, some of the actions support opening a lightbox. Would like the same functionality for links in text copy.

Q: If solved, what value would this provide (ex. increased efficiency, cost savings, etc.)?
A: Will make pages more versatile.

Q: Use Case example? (ex. As a ____ I want to be able to _____ so I can _____.)
A: In our case, we have a text link that uses custom javascript to initiate a fancybox, which serves as an overlay to display our privacy policy. The goal is to allow visitors to easily read this info without navigating to a new page. However, we have found that when implementing Unbounce’s native popup feature, the embed code conflicts with this fancybox, effectively disabling the functionality.

Q: Is this being solved by another workaround or any other tool today?
A: Currently we are placing a transparent/empty button over the desired text.


I have seen this feature requested often. I have linked to another creative option you can try. I do this method myself and it works great…


Thanks, appreciate that!