Triggering forms from unbounce form?


let’s say i have a paypal button (form) and an unbounce form with email field, and I want to trigger the submit of the paypal form after the unbounce form has been filled out, perhaps using javascript. how can I do this? the other way around might also be a solution.

would it be possible to embed the form into the form confirmation page, but without a button to submit it, and then trigger the submit of the paypal form using an onLoad or something?


Hey Bert,
Well one option might be to duplicate the hidden fields of your paypal button form directly into your Unbounce form, and then use the POST form to URL method, using the paypal form’s action as the URL.

This will essentially post a conversion and the lead to Unbounce and then post the form to paypal. I’m not sure if POSTing the extra data (fields in your lead gen form) to paypal will make it choke or not. Worth a shot!


i figured out a solution now using the page confirmation popup. how do I remove the “close” icon in the top right corner and disable the keyboard shortcuts to exit the popup?