Triggering a Popup Convertible from a Sticky



Is it possible to do this using ID / Class of button on sticky ad then choosing the option on the regular convertible that says:

When a visitor clicks an element with Class (OR ID) of:

I could not get this to work, can it do it?


Hey Ari,

Unfortunately that functionality isn’t available right now. This hasn’t been the first time this has been requested, so we’re looking into ways to create a workaround, however it’s quite complicated.

I’ll keep this thread updated if something like this becomes available, or tag you directly. I’m sure it’s not out of the realm of possibility down the road. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @ariguinsberg,

The reason this doesn’t work out of the box is that click triggers only interact with elements on the host page, not elements in Convertables or other iframes.

One way to achieve what you’re looking for is to use referrer targeting. This feature is available on Premium plans and above.

Example page:

Step 1.
Create an onclick event for the button on your sticky bar. This event will refresh the host page. Add the code below in the javascript editor in the Builder for your sticky bar. Replace the “buttonId” and “hostPageUrl” with the values for your button and host page.

 // Define your values, e.g
 var buttonId = 'lp-pom-button-20';
 var hostPageUrl = '';
 document.getElementById(buttonId).onclick = function() {, "_parent");

Step 2.
On the sticky bar overview configure a “don’t show” referrer rule for the sticky bar’s UUID. The UUID is the final value of the sticky bar’s url, e.g.
Under “Advanced Targeting”:

Step 3
On the overlay configure a “show” referrer rule for the sticky bar’s UUID.

I hope this solution works for you and let me know if you’ve any questions.