Trigger Adwords Conversions


It would be great if Unbounce conversions could be used to trigger Adwords conversions.

Easy fix for now: Add an option where converting users can be sent to a blank unbounce page that immediately redirects to the actual thank you page. Allow for Javascript to be added to this blank page so I can trigger things like Adwords conversions, KissMetrics Events, and Analytics Goals.


Hey Jason, thanks for the idea! We’re currently working on external conversion tracking, that will let you place Unbounce tracking code on a third-party page, and register the conversion in Unbounce. That might give you what you want.

I’m not sure I totally understand your idea. Ideally, you want the conversion tracking scripts on the actual thank you page. How does adding the interstitial page help?


I think the simplest solution would be to append any gclid querystring parameter to the destination URL specified for the form, whether it is on an unbounce page, or the user’s own server.

Or, maybe provide a way to user placeholders in that URL.
Form Confirmation URL:{gcli…


Hi Carl, Matt’s suggestion works as well. I think my original suggestion solves a number of issues, but the primary one that I am concerned with is Adwords conversion tracking.

Right now we can’t get Adwords conversions to be tracked when the ad is directed at an Unbounce page.

Adwords conversion tracking consists of two parts. Javascript on the Thank you Page, and a GCLID code in the url that tells the Javascript which ad the conversion belongs to. When a user clicks Submit on an unbounce page, all URL parameters are stripped out before the user is passed to the Thank You page. Since there is no GCLID in the url when the user gets to the Thank You page, no conversion is registered.


Hi Jason,

I’m no Javascript guru, but I think you could do something like this to pass along the GCLID query parameter:

You would add this script to your page using our Scripts tool (I placed it “Before Body End Tag”.

You might need to tweak this script a bit. I’m also going to ask a couple of our guys to have a look at it and make sure I don’t have any obvious errors. I did test this, though, and it appeared to work as advertised, adding any supplied ‘gclid’ query parameter onto your form confirmation URL.


This seems to work to pass along the gclid, now I’ve gotta see if Adwords is finally getting the conversions right…


Good to hear Matt, let us know how it works out!


I’m trying this now.
What would complete it for me is getting the Adwords campaign id / keyword as a match against a form entry.
Is it possible to have the GCLID as a hidden field in the from on the unbounce landing page?


If you have a gclid= param in the URL, then just add a “gclid” hidden field to your form, and we’ll automatically populate the form field value… so, I think that’s a “yes”!


Thanks Carl.


Tim / Carl, is there an external page that will show how to set up the technical components you are talking about?


P.S. I’m looking for a step by step.



Did we ever get the soloution to this. I am wanting to see cost per conversion in adwords but dont know where to start.

Would love a walk through if there is such a thing

thanks in advance



Was there ever a solution found here? I am not seeing unbounce conversions in my Adwords account and am not sure which of these two solutions is recommended.

In fact, am also unsure on how exactly to implement these changes, ie insert the exact code offered in the scripts or add a hidden form field.

Can someone please help?



I think you can implement it using this tutorial… and the tipps in this thread. Trying out tomorrow and will (hopefully :D) report back!


A step by step guide for those of us less experienced would be much appreciated. Of course, a built in integration with Analytics that tracks conversions would be best :wink: